Blogzo.comHello,  I made this website in order to achieve more experience when it comes to writing an article about tech topics. This blog isn’t finished yet, it will be probably re-branded to something like Blogozol or ZoTech. The domain will be purchased and there is a strong possibility that the theme will be changed as well. The current one is OK, but it doesn’t shows up related articles and several features, nor I can add manually add-ons granted by wordpress. The theme I was thinking about is Arras, if you are interested. I look forward to make some reviews, about applications, even handsets, such as the Nexus S or other high-end devices.

In case of a re-branding, the logo will be changed, but the fonts might just be kept. I’m not decided yet, time will tell.

If you are interested in the page views of this site, I will share you the first two day’s views (except me):

  • First day: 45 views
  • Second day: 42 views

Yeah, I know, it’s not a big deal, but I’m happy to hear that there are more views than 10 :)

Don’t worry, after the update I will configure everything, by that I mean that I’ll make sure that Facebook, Twitter and the RSS reader will be implemented into the website while actively using and updating it. I hope that I’ll reach the level of a pro blogger, news writer who can even make some nice video reviews about something.

If you want to contact me, or ask any other questions, there you go:

e-mail: blog.zoltan@gmail.com

twitter: Blog_ZO

Please consider voting on this Poll!

If you have any ideas, you’re welcome to share them by writing it in the Comments Section Below!

Thank you for reading, see you next time!


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